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DeployGate is the fastest way for iOS and Android developers to share in-development apps with others.

Share your apps from day one

DeployGate is the fastest and easiest way to share iOS/Android apps in development to your team members and beta testers.

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Accelerate App Development

Super casual beta testing from day one

Start developing amazing new apps with user input from the start! With just a drag-and-drop, you can share apps with your team members instantly.

Optimized for app developers

No need to increment versions with each update! With real-time crash reporting and UDID auto management for Provisioning Profiles, all the time-consuming development tasks are eliminated. We’ve struggled with the same issues with you. We know developers’ pains inside out!

Seamless prototyping cycle

DeployGate is integrated with all major tools such as Slack, Jenkins, Travis CI, and Circle CI. With DG Command and APIs, you can run the rapid prototyping cycle with no friction.

We are integrated with the tools you already use:

Prototype Apps with User Community

Instant beta app distribution!
You don’t need testers’ emails

Landing page made with one click. Testers can download your beta app without any registration. Testers will be assigned with unique ID and properly tracked.

Collect tester feedback in a closed forum

Testers can easily leave feedback in a closed forum page just for your app.

Grow your user base through beta testing

Through the closed forum, beta testers engage in active conversations. You can plant and cultivate active user group prior to your launch.

Innovative product teams are already using DeployGate

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