Support app development to facilitate organizational growth

We’re able to support the development and improvement of mobile apps with management functions and security features that can flexibly accommodate growing organizations.

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Optimized for organizations
with multiple projects

scalability apps

Manage unlimited organizations and apps

Create and manage unlimited organizations and apps, customizing them according to your needs - project size, company size, organizational structure, and more.

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Consolidate contracts to reduce costs

If your organization has multiple existing contracts at the team level, it may be possible to reduce costs related to contract management and fees by consolidating them into a single, centralized contract.

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“I’ve been using DeployGate for a while, but I was dissatisfied with how cumbersome user management became with multiple users. The enterprise version, designed for organizational use, vastly improves user management functions, and I'm a satisfied user.”

Takafumi Nanao

mixi, Inc.
Takafumi Nanao

Improve efficiency
through centralized management

management account

Member management and advanced permission settings

Centralize app and member management, while reducing the load and strain on in-house systems. Additionally, depending on your organizational requirements, you can specify access rights on an individual member basis.

management saml

Improve efficiency with SAML single sign-on

Use SAML authentication to automate member management arising from employment and turnover. Prevent unauthorized access that may occur if member deletion accidentally gets overlooked after an employee leaves the organization.


“Appropriate access restrictions can be enabled (by using SAML), allowing developers to focus on development. It (DeployGate) is useful for those who require an environment that gives both them and partner companies peace of mind.”


Akatsuki Inc.
Masahiro Ooki
Engineering Manager

Providing security
for public companies

security standard

Reliable security standards

All DeployGate communications are SSL encrypted, and data is securely stored in the cloud (Tokyo); data storage meets strong security standards.

security support

Supports various checks and contracts

We can accommodate your security requirements upon signing - support for security checklists, execution of NDAs, provision of logs, implementation of vulnerability assessments, and more.

Many organizations are
accelerating app development

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DeployGate safe?

Yes, it is safe.
All communications are SSL encrypted, and we use data centers that meet strong security standards, including ISO27001. Additionally, we can accommodate an organization’s varied security needs, including support for security checklists, execution of NDAs, provision of logs, implementation of vulnerability assessments, and more. Please contact us for further information.

Do you provide pre- and post- implementation support?

Yes, depending on a customer’s requirements, we can respond to questions via email, use video conferencing, or employ other methods. Whether you’re an existing customer or are still considering our services, we can customize our support to suit your organization’s development and operational conditions. We will endeavor to find optimal solutions for your organization based on the insights and experiences we’ve gained since we started to offer the Enterprise plan in 2015.

Is it possible to move from an Organization Plan to an Enterprise Plan?

Yes, if you’re currently on an Organization Plan, you can import an existing organization into your Workspace. Additionally, there is no downtime when importing, so development work will not be affected.

Do testers count as billable members?

Yes, they do count. The Enterprise Plan is designed so that development personnel can devote their efforts to development work, while appropriate in-house departments, such as IT support, perform resource management (personnel, apps, etc.) work. As such, there is no distinction between roles like developers and testers. Furthermore, by collectively managing all of an organization’s members, it’s possible to prevent security incidents stemming from app delivery to individuals who are no longer with a project or the company.

What are the contract types and payment options?

The Enterprise Plan is offered exclusively on an annual contract basis. An invoice will be issued to customers, who must remit a lump sum payment. Once a contract begins, payment is due by the end of the following month.

Is it possible to add/remove members during the contract period?

Yes, members are available in increments of 20 members. If you need to make any adjustments, either upwards or downwards, please contact with the desired number of members; changes will be made in as little as 2 business days. Any difference due will be billed on a monthly basis. If there is a reduction in the number of members, any fees already paid are nonrefundable.

A special plan for businesses

DeployGate Enterprise


Contracts are available in increments of 20 members.

Start with a free trial
Apps Unlimited
Developers Unlimited
(Up to contract’s member maximum)
Teams Unlimited
Log Retention Unlimited
Revision History 500 revision/app
Fast Download Yes
Priority Support Dedicated top priority corporate support
NDA Available

Other rates and plans are available for smaller teams.

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