DeployGate SDK
for Android™ Project

To use advanced features such as crash reporting, integrate our SDK into your app project. The SDK supports Android™ 2.1 (android-7) or higher.

How to upgrade from previous version:

  • Just replace previous jar by new one. There are no interface changes.

New features:

  • Support identifying of the app distributor. Now you can set your username on DeployGate#install() and DeployGate#isAuthorized() will returns false if the app distributed by someone else. Alternatively, you may use DeployGate#getAuthorUsername() to handle it manually, typically in onInitialized() callback. It will be effective on our client v1.1.0 or higher.

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Push API
to integrate with your build system

You may want to integrate DeployGate into your CI system. We are providing RESTful API to upload newly built apps to DeployGate.

Read Push API Document

Command Line Tool

for Mac OS X

Open and paste the line follows:

curl | sh

and type dgate to see how to use.

Read How-Tos

for Other Linux Platforms

Our command line tool is written in Ruby so please ensure that Ruby is installed on your machine. Then download dgate.tar.gz and extract it anywhere you like and run dgate.

Download dgate.tar.gz

Read How-Tos

for Other Platforms

We always welcome new tools for currently not supported platforms! If you are making a new tool and wouldn't mind sharing it on this page, please feel free to contact us on @DeployGate. We also welcome pull requests on our public GitHub repos.