DeployGate API

Description of the DeployGate API.


[POST][owner name]/apps

Please replace [owner name] with the app owner's user name or the organization name.


Param Description
token Your API key
file App file binary
message (Optional) Push message
distribution_key (Optional) Target Distribution Key
release_note (Optional) Distribution message
disable_notify (Optional) If you set yes as a value, disable notify via email.
(iOS only.)
visibility (Optional) Set a new application's privacy setting by specifying private(default) or public. If you are using Personal Free account, you have to specify public to upload a new app since it doesn't have a slot for private app. No effect when updating.


## Upload sample.apk app package by curl
$ curl -F "file=@sample.apk" -F "token=YOUR_API_KEY" -F "message=sample"

## With update package for distribution page
$ curl -F "file=@sample.apk" -F "token=YOUR_API_KEY" -F "message=sample" -F "distribution_key=[distribution_ey]" -F "release_note=sample"

Replace [distribution_key] with your distribution page URL hash key.[distribution_key]

Endpoint[owner name]/platforms/[platforms name]/apps/[app_id]/members

Please replace [owner name], [platform name] and [app_id] by the app owner's name, android/ios and app ID respectively.

GET Retrieve a list of members.

Response Params

Param Description
usage Number of allocated members (used) and capacity allowed in your plan (max).
users A list of the app members, represented as an array of username and role hash.

role params: 1:Developer, 2:Tester


## Use curl 
$ curl "[app_id]/members?token=YOUR_API_KEY"
## Get response 
{"error":false,"results":{"usage":{"used":1,"max":25},"users":[{"name":"user name","role":1}]}}

POST, DELETE Add or remove a member of the app.


Param Description
token your API key
users Comma-separated list of username or email.
role (Optional) Please specify the corresponding number. 1:Developer, 2: Tester

If the role isn't specified, it will be set to 1 in default.


## Add member by curl
$ curl -F "users=[user, user2]" -F "token=YOUR_API_KEY"[app_id]/members

## delete member by curl 
$ curl -X DELETE -F "users=[user, user2]" -F "token=YOUR_API_KEY"[app_id]/members

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