DeployGate API

Description of the DeployGate API.


[POST][owner name]/apps

Please replace [owner name] with the app owner's user name or the organization name.


Param Description
token Your API key

If you are going to use the API for automated build in your organization, you may want to use organization's API key which shown on the organization page to upload the app independent from member/role management.
file App file binary
message (Optional) Push message
distribution_key (Optional) Target Distribution Key
release_note (Optional) Distribution message
disable_notify (Optional) If you set yes as a value, disable notify via email.
(iOS only.)
visibility (Optional) Set a new application's privacy setting by specifying private(default) or public. If you are using Personal Free account, you have to specify public to upload a new app since it doesn't have a slot for private app. No effect when updating.


## Upload sample.apk app package by curl
$ curl -F "file=@sample.apk" -F "token=YOUR_API_KEY" -F "message=sample"

## With update package for distribution page
$ curl -F "file=@sample.apk" -F "token=YOUR_API_KEY" -F "message=sample" -F "distribution_key=[distribution_ey]" -F "release_note=sample"

Replace [distribution_key] with your distribution page URL hash key.[distribution_key]

Endpoint[owner name]/platforms/[platforms name]/apps/[app_id]/members

Please replace [owner name], [platform name] and [app_id] by the app owner's name, android/ios and app ID respectively.

GET Retrieve a list of members.

Response Params

Param Description
usage Number of allocated members (used) and capacity allowed in your plan (max).
users A list of the app members, represented as an array of username and role hash.

role params: 1:Developer, 2:Tester


## Use curl 
$ curl "[app_id]/members?token=YOUR_API_KEY"
## Get response 
{"error":false,"results":{"usage":{"used":1,"max":25},"users":[{"name":"user name","role":1}]}}

POST, DELETE Add or remove a member of the app.


Param Description
token your API key
users Comma-separated list of username or email.
role (Optional) Please specify the corresponding number. 1:Developer, 2: Tester

If the role isn't specified, it will be set to 1 in default.


## Add member by curl
$ curl -F "users=[user, user2]" -F "token=YOUR_API_KEY"[app_id]/members

## delete member by curl 
$ curl -X DELETE -F "users=[user, user2]" -F "token=YOUR_API_KEY"[app_id]/members

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