About DeployGate

DeployGate's mission is to make user testing a natural part of the app development cycle.

Founding Story

DeployGate was founded in September 2012 as an internal startup project at Mixi Inc., one of the largest app providers in Japan. All our founding engineers have done app development for products with over 20 million users.
In the founding phase, we asked ourselves what it would take to develop apps that don't betray customers' expectations. After a long debate, we concluded that great apps are developed with users through frequent user testing and reflecting user feedback at every stage of the development. DeployGate provides tools that make user testing and user communication incredibly easy. We automate various tasks around beta testing for app developers, allowing fast and painless app iteration. In 2014, We spun off from Mixi and became a 100% independent startup.
We aspire to keep developing tools for developers and keep solving problems facing developers and development teams.



US Office
Millbrae in California, USA 94030

Japan Office
1-4-8 Shoto Shibuya Tokyo, Japan 1500046

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