Simplest beta-app distribution platform

DeployGate makes it easy to share in-development iOS and Android apps,
allowing users to seamlessly and successfully progress through the prototyping, development, testing, and marketing stages of app creation.

Super casual beta testing from day one

Step-by-step help to guide your non-technical team members

Have you ever had to help out your non-technical team members to install your in-development app? DeployGate offers easy-to-follow guide at every step of installing an app, making sure testers don't come to you for technical support. Even with regular users like game app beta-testers, over 90% can install apps on their own without any help. With DeployGate, test distribution becomes shockingly easier.

Automate Daily Development Tasks with a Single Command

With DeployGate, you can instantly construct an automated environment for your build. Our “DG” command lets you automate everything from app builds and uploading to DeployGate to adding UDIDs for iOS and updating provisioning profiles. Setup can be done with pasting a single command.

Swift Improvements, All in Real Time

App installs and logs are displayed on-screen in real time, with no need to reload your browser. You can see what’s going on with remote testers’ apps and devices as if they were right in front of your eyes. Clients are notified the moment you upload the change. You can try out many versions with no waiting time, allowing you to solve lots of problems with limited time.

Check Your Apps’ Activity on Slack

DeployGate is fully integrated with Slack, and ChatWork, allowing you to share all sorts of activities on DeployGate to your team. Your team can easily keep track of things like uptake of latest versions, feedback from test users, reports and error logs and can promptly make improvements.

Restore Past Versions at Any Time

You can invoke and install previously uploaded binaries at any time. This can be handy when you want to validate the app updating process or when you want to reproduce bugs that occurred in past versions.

No Need to Change Versions Even When Updating

Apps you upload to DeployGate are automatically assigned a DeployGate revision number. You can distribute new revised versions without worrying about your apps’ internal versions at the time of distribution.

Elevate your app quality with user communities.

Easily Distribute Apps to Lots of People

You can create landing pages to distribute beta versions with a single click — very useful for large-scale distributions and sharing on social media. You can also change the design of your pages, add explanations, and restrict access with passwords.

Thoroughly Manage Devices with No Need for Testers to Sign Up!

There’s no need for testers’ invitations and user registration — simply share the URL of your distribution landing page via email and social media. Testers’ devices are automatically assigned IDs, even without setting up their own accounts, so you can track logs and device information and continuously notify your testers of updates to latest versions.

Communication Aimed at Making Improvements via Forums — Not Just Simple Bug Reports

You can discuss feedback and feature requests from your testers on closed forums for each of your apps. Through the active idea exchange on the forum, you can easily build apps with your users and meet their needs better. Closed forums are also the perfect place to cultivate your fans. Using DeployGate's forums, many companies have successfully created strong communities of fans before the app release.

Test Multiple Versions at Once

With DeployGate you can separate uses into different groups and release different versions of a single app, making it possible to distribute the latest build of your app to developers while distributing stable builds to your test users. By flexibly controlling the frequency of your updates you can minimize the time it takes to make necessary updates.

For more large group development

Support Multi-Developer Projects

Using DeployGate’s “Organization” features you can own and manage multiple apps as an organization, not just as an individual — perfect for business as well as for personal projects. You can associate multiple developer accounts and assign separate permissions to each. With an organization account, there is no limit to the number of testers.

Automatic Builds Make Multi-developer Project Smoother

With a wide range of APIs and plugins, DeployGate can easily work together with automatic testing and build tools such as Gradle, Fastlane, Jenkins, Travis CI, and Circle. You can work with various tools to commit your source code to Git, making an environment that brings the latest version of your apps to every member of your team.

Powerful support for Enterprise

Optimized for Businesses with Multiple Development Projects

Besides just managing their apps, companies developing multiple apps also need to accurately manage many developer accounts and a large number of test user accounts. DeployGate Enterprise offers centralized management features for apps, groups, and accounts, reducing the operation loads on your company’s systems. You can add new team members and assign permissions to them, as well as accurately removing old members, allowing you to maintain a high level of internal security.

Unlimited Groups and Apps

Whatever your plan, with DeployGate Enterprise there is no limit to the number of groups and apps you can manage. DeployGate can flexibly respond to new ideas, apps, and organizations that are created within your company.

Detailed Permission Settings

DeployGate features multiple user permissions for various circumstances, such as root users, managers, and basic users. You can manage access for each account in detail, as well as applying detailed permissions suided your organization, independently from your apps’ permissions.

Construct Teams that Span Across Projects

Using DeployGate Enterprise’s shared team features, you can create teams that work on projects across your organization, like QA. There’s no need to make changes to every group when changing members.

High Security Standards — Perfect for Business Use

DeployGate, encrypts all communications via SSL, and uses data centers that meet ISO27001 and other strong security standards. In addition, if your company has specific security measures, we will work with you to meet your standards. Please feel free to get in touch.