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Public Apps




iOS distribution features are dependent on iOS Developer Program / iOS Enterprise Program limitations.

Indie Plans

A single developer account for small projects, sharing apps with clients and friends.

Personal Free


Personal Pro

$15 /mo

Private Apps*1 - 5 apps
Distributions (Sharable Link) 2tracks / apps 5tracks / apps
Device Log Retention 1 week 3 months
Version History (Re-installable) 5versions / app 20versions / app
Fast Download*2 - Yes
Select Select

Private Apps *1

When using the Indie Developer Plans, your app icon and name will be listed on your public profile page. (only a list – Can’t be installed or download by others without your permission). By selecting the Personal Pro plan, you can hide up to 5 in-development apps.

Fast Download *2

The apps will be distributed through CDN, and testers can have faster download.

Organization Plans

Business account with advanced user management options for team app development.
All organization apps are private and with unlimited distributions (shareable links). 30 days trial for free!


$99 /mo


$499 /mo

Large Business

$999 /mo

Apps 4 apps 20 apps 40 apps
Developers 4 account 20 account 40 account
Testers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Teams *3 2 teams Unlimited Unlimited
Device Log Retention 1 year Unlimited Unlimited
Version History (Re-installable) 100 versions / app 200 versions /app 500 versions /app
Fast Download*2 Yes Yes Yes
Priority Support*4 - Yes Yes
Create Organization
You can make multiple organizations. Please enroll plan at organizations of each.

Custom teams with role *3

Custom team management functionality allows the creation of teams with roles applying to group of users to control user permission. Business and Large Business plan users can assign original roles to teams in the organization. Startup plan users can only use the pre-generated “Owners” or “Testers” teams.

Priority Support *4

Business and Large Business plan users enjoy priority customer support, including troubleshooting and technical consultation.

Customized business plans are also possible to make the perfect plan for your company.
Please feel free to contact us!

Enterprise Plans

Multiple business accounts with an administrative dashboard to manage all of your users, apps and teams in one place. It comes with an unlimited number of organizations, apps and teams along with high level security features.
To see more details, please read DeployGate Enterprise pages.


$30 /user /mo *5

Organizations Unlimited
Organization Apps Unlimited
Teams*3 Unlimited
Device Log Retention Unlimited
Version History (Re-installable) 500 versions / app
Fast Download*2 Yes
Priority Support*4 Yes
Security Inspection / NDA support. Available upon request
*5 Minimum contract of 20 accounts are required.
If you are interested in the Enterprise plan, please feel free to contact us from the DeployGate Enterprise page.